What Are The Important Duties And Responsibilities?

Tasks and responsibilities of a General Manager

●     Contribute to the development of the network according to the development plan of the organization.

●     Direct and coordinate activities related to the promotion, analysis, evaluation,
approval and credit recovery.

●     Achieving quality and quantity and commercial development set in the business plan.

●     Ensure compliance with standards and ensure compliance with the procedures.

●     Ensure the quality of external and internal communication at the departmental level.

●     Submit to senior management any commercial development, financial, operational, legal and administrative, that may enhance the development of the institution.

●     Develop a corporate culture within the network contribute to the improvement of operational procedures.

●     Planning, organizing, directing, controlling, coordinating, analyzing, calculating and deducing the work of the company, in addition to hiring the right people.

●     Plan aims and objectives of the company’s short and long term.

●     Organizing current and future business structure as well as the functions.

●     Lead the company and makes decisions, monitor and be a leader within it.

●     Monitor the activities planned and carried out against what deviations or differences occur.

●     Coordinate with the sales departments and hold meetings, to increase the number and quality of customers making purchases of materials; decide on reparations or damages to the company.

●     Decide on recruitment, selection, training and placing the staff appropriately for each position.

●     Analyze business problems in financial, administrative, personnel, accounting and other departments.

●     Perform mathematical calculations to handle the financial resources effectively.

●     Maintain contacts with the direction of the client companies to identify opportunities for expansion or improved products / services or settlement of any contractual or operational problems in order to maintain customer satisfaction and project a positive image in the market.

●     Driving the change process in the organization’s culture in order to win the commitment of all its members and ensure the consolidation of an organizational culture oriented towards continuous pursuit of quality and high standards of individual and collective performance.

●     Coordinate negotiations for acquisitions, mergers, associations, etc. with other companies, seeking growth and consolidation.

●     Maintain contacts with the direction of other companies, associations and government agencies in order to align efforts that translate into benefits for customers, the market and the wider community.

●     Support the organization in developing its strategic vision to contribute to radiation Communications Society.

●     Become a partner and an ally of the various components of the organization (members, partners, board, office management, suppliers, etc.) with a view to achieve the objectives.

●     Develop a service to senior members

●     Represent the organization with members and the various industry players.

●     Maintain and develop quality relationships with members and partners.

●     Ensure the development of performance indicators in a spirit of continuous improvement

●     Ensuring the presence of the organization on the web and social media.

●     Organize and manage various events (training, networking activities, conferences, etc.) tools

●     Conduct promotions and communications

●     Develop and manage the meetings and ensure follow-up

●     Perform secretarial work

●     Perform basic accounting body

●     Be on the cutting edge of new trends communication al

Implement the strategy established by the Board of Directors

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