USA Online Jobs Guide: How to Find Remote Jobs in United States?


The world is now revolving faster than ever; people are in search of earning more in less time. The phenomena of online working, or we may say remote working are now becoming common in the world because of its numerous benefits. This revolution in work allows the workers to function in a comfortable environment. Including this, the global community is expanding; generating more chances for all. It is believed that almost 55% of businesses in the world offer remote work and approximately 90% of remote workers find online jobs better than the office jobs and save more money compared to others.



As “State of Telecommuting in the U.S. Employee Workforce” claims that almost 7.8 billion vehicle miles are saved by working part-time remotely, 3 million tons of greenhouse gases (GHG) are eluded, and oil savings have reached up to $980 million. Not only this, remote work is inducing more profits for companies as they are able to get work and don’t have to pay for expensive office space and their utility bills. As per Bloomberg CityLab’s report, approximately 20% companies are planning to offer remote work and reduce their office space in future.



Remote Jobs in USA

People living in US like to control their schedules, manage their work as well as their comfort at the same time. Researchers estimate that there were almost 23.9 million remote jobs available in US in 2017. Whereas, US Census data released in 2018 claims that 5.2% of U.S. workers have remote jobs and have added up to $1.3 billion in the US economy. Due to its importance, US government has formed remote-work policies for benefiting workers. Many reputed companies in US are offering remote work at various levels like, Amazon, Red Hat, Salesforce, VIPKID, UnitedHealth Group, Pearson, and etc.



Alaska being the largest state of US and less population provides many opportunities to its citizens. It has constant range of tourists, industries of oil, seafood, etc. According to Virtual Vocations jobs’ Board, the ratio of remote jobs in Alaska has increased almost 65.04% in 2018-2019. Different remote jobs are available in Alaska, for instance, Online Automotive Engineer, Online Marketing Associate,             Online Engineer, Director of Online Education, Online Programmer, Type-writers for data entry, people for Customer Care services, handling the Websites, Visual assistance, Virtual receptionists, etc. Hence, from this we may believe that most of the online jobs in Alaska are in information technology, healthcare, customer service, sales, and education industries. An average payment of remote workers in Alaska is $46,076 in a year which makes it approximately $22.15 per hour. While there are many factors that help in increasing the salaries, such as education, experience, time, etc.



United States Capitals for Online Jobs

The highest paid online workers have earned almost $104,199 as per ZipRecruiter resources. The most intriguing part is that Alaska ranks 16 out of 50 states for online salaries in the world. There are almost 10 cities that generate more online jobs and pay higher than others. This list includes:

  • Tanana
  • Wasilla
  • Ketchikan
  • College
  • Anchorage
  • Juneau
  • Lakes
  • Fairbanks
  • Knik-Fairview
  • Badger



People have a wide range of options for remote work in Florida. The state has many companies who offer online jobs throughout the year while others hire people in particular seasons. A number of companies like Accolade, Allegis Transcription, American Airlines, Alorica, Concentrix, Apple, HSN, Equivity, and many other offer online jobs. Many of the firms offer high hourly rates and even have remote jobs for degree holders.



Michigan is beautiful state with lot to see. Its capital Detroit is also known as hub of auto industry in US. Michigan is famous for its production of motor vehicles, prepared foods, machine tools, military equipment, and chemicals. Whereas, many famous companies have their headquarters in this state as well, like General Motors, Kellogg’s, Ford Motors, Lear, Whirlpool, Kelly Services, Spectrum Health, ProQuest. As many companies work here, more opportunities are available for people here who are willing to work remotely in Michigan. From financial analyst to network manager, all sort of remote works are offered here.



California is one the most famed states in US. It has natural beauty and the busy life. The place is famous for the opportunities it offers for masses belonging to different careers. According to CNBC report approximately 5.8% people are remotely employed in California. An intriguing fact is that you can find places that are especially made for people who work online and provide them peace and comfort, like Ethos Society (Los Angeles), Her Space (Fresno), Spaces (Napa), Work Zones (Santa Barbara). As citizens have so many benefits, they enjoy working online and, many firms like Robert Half International, Oracle, Cisco Systems, Inc., Insight Schools of California, and others recruit remote workers.



Texas is second largest and equally populated state. Different states offer different remote jobs and pay as per their qualification, time, and experience. In Texas companies like Belay, Boldly, Dell, Dosh, DVMelite, Sutherland Global, TaxJar, TeleReach, and others offer online jobs like Counselors, Managers, Consultants, Customer service Associate, Management, Executive assistant, and Web Specialist and many other positions. It is estimated that online workers earn at least $5-$13 per hour in Texas.



Many of people working remotely feel contented. They allow people to work abundantly, and through the passive incomes they are able to raise their standard of living. Comfortable surroundings, scheduled hours, and saving of time, money, and earth, all these causes generate better living. Whereas, there may be few things that lack in this system, for instance, Yahoo, IBM, Best Buy had banned its remote working policies, as they believe that online work resists leadership and collaborative work and believe better results can be produced if work is done concertedly. On the other hand, Covid-19 has caused all the work to be done at home, and now remote and online working has reached another level like in the State of Alaska Jobs. Now, companies are trying to shift all their jobs online, as no one knows when all this would end. The economy never stops, so remote and online work has provided new ways which were never thought before, but are now turning up to be a success.

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