Quality Analyst Salary

What is a typical Quality Analyst job description that is being offered to a quality analyst? It again depends upon experience and complexity of the project. In general terms, for a Junior Quality Analyst 40k-50k will be offered. And for a Senior Quality Analyst anywhere between 50k to 80k will be offered. And as said, it depends up on the domain you will be working. For example, if you will be working in a finance/banking/investment banking projects, your salary will be much high compared to telecom, insurance or other sectors.

In New York if you get an offer as a quality analyst for a big finance company, they offer you not less than 70k. If you prefer working as a contractor, then you may get up to 70$/hr.

Again in healthcare industry such as BCBS will also pay good salaries for a quality Analyst because of lack of experienced quality analysts who understands the healthcare insurance domain.

If your profile shows only Manual testing experience, then salary will be normally less. But if you are good at automated tools such as QTP, Load runner, then your salary will be really good. Especially for a person with good experience in load runner (performance testing), the salary will be around 90k.

Quality Analyst Salary with little Automated tools experience:

Learning QTP/Load runner is not that tough if you are little inclined towards programming? Even though you don’t have to code as much as a java developer, but you may need to code little in automated testing.

In the software industry, Quality Analysts salary will be little less compared to Developers, Business Analysts, Network admins, etc. Because the work will be comparatively easy. You do not have to really scratch your head for doing testing of the developed application or product. Most of the time it is monotonous when compared to development.

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