Quality Analyst Job Description

Quality analyst (also called ‘tester’) is a very important role in any industry, be it is Software/IT, Finance, Telecom, Insurance, aerospace, satellite etc. Testing is one crucial and yet important job that sometimes an improper testing of the application/product may lead to severe disastrous situations such as a plain can collapse due to improper testing after the manufacturing, or due to improper testing of one of the crucial part used in the aero plane.  An improper testing may result in the failure of a billion dollar worth satellite just after its launch. A banking application which is developed but not tested properly may land up in the hacker’s control.

So, here in this article we will be concentrating on the job description of a Quality Analyst in an IT industry. Such as his roles and responsibilities, daily duties of a quality analyst and where he sits in the SDLC process etc.

Job Description of a Quality Lead:

A Quality Lead in an IT industry typically leads a testing team / quality team of 1 to 10 people (depending on the size of the project). He will lead the team and explains the team members’ application functionality and what kind of scenarios needs to be tested as part of the test plan. A quality lead will write the test plan, testing resources needed, and other environment/software’s/tools required for testing to be completed and most importantly the time frame he may need for his team to complete the testing phase.

A quality lead job description also includes but not limited to conducting the status meetings every day with testers in the team, and sending daily report to the project manager. In a nutshell he has to take care he has to take care of every aspect in the testing phase to make it a smooth run until its success.

General Job Description of a Quality Analyst (tester):

The roles and responsibilities of a quality analyst also termed as job descriptions vary from that of a Quality Lead. He has to understand the functionality of the application before starting the testing. He has to prepare test cases for each and every test scenario that is being identified in previous meetings. Test case template is normally provided by the company which they follow for every phase, or else, it has to be prepared.

Test cases are to be written in detailed manner along with proper test scripts. Normally each test case will have 1 to 10 or even more test scripts depending up on the test case. Once the test cases are written they are approved by Quality lead, and then the time to prepare test data. Normally test data has to be prepared/created by testers or in some cases where the data is very crucial or complicated for a tester to prepare, developers will help giving the write test data by accessing the database.

Once everything is ready, need to execute the test cases one by one and either you have to pass or fail depending on the results. If a test case is failed, you need to raise a defect in defect tracking tool such as IBM Clear quest or HP quality center (depends on your company which tool to be used).

You have to create the defect with detail description about the defect along with screen prints if possible, and the steps to replicate the defect. And assign this defect to a appropriate developer.

The developer will resolve the defect and will assign back to you for re testing. You will test again, and if passed, the close the defect and pass the test case. If failed again, then assign back to developer explaining the details.Validation and Verification of the application and data is also a part of quality analyst’s job description. And most importantly a Quality Analyst will have to be familiar with the tools such as IBM Rational clear quest, or HP’s quality center, MS Excel, word..

Hope you might have understood what is the Quality Analyst Job description.

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