Psychiatrist Salary & Job Description

Psychiatrist Job Description is affected by many factors; however, before we go deeper to the salary of a psychiatrist in the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia can earn, we need to know first what this profession is all about. A psychiatrist deals with the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, management, and prevention of mental illnesses. Psychiatrist is almost the same with a psychologist in the sense that both are performing psychotherapy; however, both professions are different because psychiatrist is a physician who can prescribe medication, a privilege that a psychologist does not have, although there are exceptions lately. If your career goal is to treat people with mental illness, becoming a psychiatrist would be a better career option for you.

Psychiatrist Plus and Minus

There are several benefits of being a psychiatrist. To start with, psychiatrist salary is considered rewarding. This career is more than enough to provide you with luxury living. You can earn money even during your residency training. Another benefit of being a psychiatrist is that you can prescribe medication. By being a psychiatrist, you can try to expand your career by trying to earn a medical degree. This is also considered as an advantage that a psychologist cannot enjoy.

There are, however, some cons of this career that you need to pay attention to. Your effort to be a psychiatrist is a truly long journey. There is no bachelor’s degree in psychiatry. Therefore, after completing your 4-year undergraduate degree program, you still need to get enrolled in a medical school for another 4 years. Even after completing your study, you still have to participate in residency training. Although this long road will have a fruitful end, it is still a long road that you have to pass through. Do not worry, though, because you can start to reap your fruit even during your residency training.

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When you want to pursue a particular career, one of the reasons why you choose that career is because it rewards you. Being a psychiatrist is rewarding because the salary you earn as a psychiatrist is relatively high. Depending on your experience, the place you work, and the area in which you work, your salary can range from £20,238 to £101,935 in the United Kingdom, from C$54,500 to C$335,792 in Canada, and from AU$68,695 to AU$222,231 in Australia. This salary is considered rewarding and able to provide you with more than enough money to sustain your life, your family, and your retirement plan.
How about the future job outlook of a psychiatrist? Studies have predicted that the demand of psychiatrists, as well as other medical professionals, will steadily grow in the future as people are more aware of their well being, especially their mental health. However, it is also important to notice that competition will also become even more stringent as there are currently a lot of students who are pursuing the same career. You have to be ready to deal with a competition if you are surely targeting this career and its rewarding psychiatrist salary.

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