Police Officer Salary & Job Description

Police officer Job Description can be such a good option for those who are having a dream to be a police. When it comes to salary, instead of focusing on the comparable salaries, you need to focus on the value that you can give to the company. The same thing may occur to become a good police. Basically, the main job of the police officers is to protect lives and property. That is why; police officers in certain countries are routinely armed. Whereas its job environment is often close with danger, very stressful and physically demanding. Most of their jobs tend to work around the clock in shifts. You must graduate from the agency’s training academy before completing a period on the job training program in order to become police officers or detectives. 

Police Officer Plus and Minus

Actually, if you want to be a police officer, you will find several positive aspects such as overtime pay assignments, off-duty secondary employment, domestic partnership benefits, four days work week with ten hours a day and many more. The police officer salary, benefits, and retirements would be much higher the more you work for the institutions. As a matter of fact, employment of the police officers and detectives is projected to grow for about 5% during ten years if it is compared to the average for all occupations. One great thing about becoming a police is that you can always do a part time working, having flexible hours, and even possibly for a job-sharing with your partner. 

Since there is much diversity in the communities, especially for the US citizens who are consist of various different ethnic groups, the police service welcomes job applications for those people. In order to reflect diversity of the communities, job applications can be easily applied by women, some ethnic minority groups, black people, and also for all the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) communities. Before you are deciding to be a police, you have to ensure that you are ready for such physical danger like becoming the targets of shooting by some criminals. Besides that, police officers are governed by a code of conduct to protect someone or group of people and sometimes need to travel away from home. 


 In fact, the typical starting salary for the police officers and detectives remains stable from year to year. Usually the salaries are within $20,000 up to $25,000 after the initial training period. And the range of the typical salaries after several years of experience are within $30,000 until $40,000 for sergeant, $43,000 until $48,000 for inspector, and within $49,000 up to $51,000 for chief inspector. When it comes to talking about the future prospects of the police officers, there would be plenty of options since this job will always be needed by the societies in order to keep them safe and protected. And to continue the interest for public safety, the police service will lead to new recruitment for officers. However, the job may be competitive, depending on the location. It would be a great choice to be police officers since you can get a higher competitive police officer salary. 

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