Optometrist Salary & Job Description

Optometrist Job Description will be much higher than an executive job in the USA. Basically, being an optometrist will require Doctor of Optometry Degree or at least graduated from an optometry school. Aside from that, they also need to pass the National Board examination and State clinical examination. Their task is to examine their patient’s eyes in order to detect if there are visions problems or other abnormal conditions. Moreover, they can also give you prescribes for contact lenses and eyeglasses. If you have any abnormal conditions in the eye, this medical director can give you prescribe of drugs in order to treat eye disorders. 

Optometrist Plus and Minus

Becoming the optometrists need at least two until four years of experience in order to fulfill the standard concepts, procedures and practices because they will need to perform a variety of tasks. When it comes to earnings of the optometrists, you will find such a high amount of money. Optometrists always have the choice to go for a private practice like opening practice at home. Or, they can also prefer to work under the prominent clinic or hospital. Another good thing about being an optometrist is that they can work in partnership with several major manufacturers. This way, they can earn more money given by the manufacturers and the manufacturers itself can sell their products through the recommendations of them. 

Opening the optometrist’s practice in bigger cities will affect on the earnings. It means that their earnings would be much more lucrative and results in high amount of an optometrist salary. However, when you decided to go to the optometry school, you have to pay attention to the cost that you need to pay for. The optometry school will cost you thousand dollars per year. Just like any other medical professions, becoming optometrists mean that you must ready to have long time to study and more time to open your own clinic to practice. 



Based on the data from the American Optometrist Association, the annual income of the optometrists can range within $120,000 up to $175,000. It is depending on the experience, where they open practice, and of course based on the location in which they practice. The optometrists who open practice near the city areas or in bigger cities will get bigger earnings than those who practice on the rural area or smaller cities. Optometrists who practice in a big city get at least $150,000. However, those who do not practice in major cities will get the income within $100,000 up to $130,000.  Still, they are high enough compared to average jobs in big cities.Initially, practicing as optometrists will give you a better future since they can earn more than $150,000 per year. The income will be much higher especially if you go into specialization. Once you take the specialization, you will be able to handle and perform more complex procedures in curing several eye problems including cataracts, retinal dysfunctions or other complexities. You can also start assisting in eye surgery for higher optometrist salary.

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