Neurosurgeon Salary & Job Description

Neurosurgeon Job Description is quite rewarding. This is the reason why there are still many medical students who focus on investigating brain and spinal column to get prepared to pursue this career. A neurosurgeon is a specialist who works on surgical operations related to such body parts as brain, spine, skull, and peripheral nerves. Any disorders that harm those body parts become medical conditions that a neurosurgeon handles. As a specialist, a neurosurgeon will receive patients who consult him/her directly and those referred to by a general doctor. Being a neurosurgeon is both challenging and rewarding because the body parts a neurosurgeon treats are very delicate and the salary that a neurosurgeon earns is relatively high.

neurosurgeon salary

Neurosurgeon Plus and Minus

Aside from the relatively high neurosurgeon salary, there are many plus factors that make this career a worth-pursuing one. If you decide to be a neurosurgeon, you will be helping a lot of people escape from their death and extend their life. Many deaths are caused by problems that occur in the brain and the nervous system. Being a neurosurgeon means you become a savior. Besides, neurosurgery is considered a prestigious field. By being a neurosurgeon, prestige and recognition are never far from your life.

There are, however, also disadvantages of being a neurosurgeon. As a prestigious career, neurosurgery career requires you to be fully prepared. This preparation involves being enrolled in premed school for several years and another four years in a medical school and taking residency training for another four years. By the time you become a neurosurgeon, you will know that you have spent a lot of money to afford your study and training. Neurosurgery career is also risky because as a neurosurgeon, you deal with the most delicate parts of your body. A small accident that occurs is very potential to be categorized as malpractice.


As mentioned earlier, as a neurosurgeon, you are eligible to receive salary that is considered one of the most rewarding salaries in the career world. If you decide to work in the United Kingdom, you can earn around £32,215 – £352,655. In Canada, you can earn around $155,000 – $300,000. In Australia, your average salary is between AU$51,000 and AU$210,000. This estimated salary range has not included additional bonuses that you will mostly earn in the calculation. Your salary will be higher as you develop experience and choose a more prestigious place to work.

The prospect of working as a neurosurgeon is quite promising. Between 2010 and 2020, the demand of neurosurgeons is expected to grow 25 percent. Therefore, if you are currently getting prepared for this career, by the time you finish your training, you will mostly get a job. This 25 percent increase of demand, however, is being contested by hundreds or even thousands of students. Therefore, if you seriously want to pursue a career as a neurosurgeon, you have to be ready to compete with them before you can get the job and obtain your expected neurosurgeon career.

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