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Finding the right online job not only takes some great research skills but great intuition as well. Before you can find the right one, you will have to narrow down your choices, let alone weed out the scams so you don’t end up losing money even before you start earning it. Indeed, online jobs have all the capability of providing one with all the comfort – working without leaving the house, spending less money for food and transportation, not needing to worry about corporate clothes and whatnot. You can practically work in your sweatpants all day if you want! But how do you find the online job that’s right for you?

Why do I want to work from home? Ask yourself what your purpose is for wanting an online job. Do you want to work from home because you’re sick of being late for work? Do you want to work from home so you can keep an eye out on the kids and not have to leave them to a babysitter or do you simply want to experience the feeling of being able to work without anyone breathing down the back of your neck every 2o minutes?

Am I fit to handle an online job? Many people think that online jobs are all easy but find themselves realizing otherwise once they have become too complacent with their tasks. Yes, an online job allows you the freedom of not having to follow a 9 to 5 schedule, but online jobs still have their deadlines, just like regular office work. Also ask yourself if you are healthy enough to handle an online job. When requirements pile up, things can get pretty stressful and a lot of people buckle under the pressure when it gets too much. Overworking is one of the things that usually happen in an online job because there’s always a possibility of losing track of time. At times, there are just those days when you really need to put in a few extra hours to get a project done.

What are my skills and capabilities? The next thing you need to do is evaluate yourself in terms of the things you can and cannot do. List down all of your skills and talents so you know what kind of job you need to look for. One of the beauties of working from home is you get to choose the job in which you can maximize your skills most. By doing this, you can avoid frustrating yourself if you end up with a job that is “not exactly in your line of expertise”.

What is in demand lately? Many years back the nursing course was in demand because a lot of caregivers are needed abroad and are known to actually earn a lot of money from it. Now that we live in a world where technology continuously grows, computer-related jobs are the ones that are most in demand and many of them can actually be done as home-based jobs. Some examples are copy writing, web developing, programming and even graphic arts. Plenty of foreign companies look for real talent lately that can help them improve and strengthen their websites. These days, internet presence is crucial. If you have a website but rarely get any traffic for it, you’re basically just like a fly on the wall that no one notices. Web developers and copywriters earn lots of money lately just working at home.

Conduct thorough research. As I have mentioned earlier, there are lots of scams today scattered all over the web. Before you sign any agreements, make sure that you’ve confirmed that it is indeed a legitimate company. If a potential employer asks you to make a “down payment” or asks you for a certain amount of money as an “administrative fee”, don’t proceed. No real employer would ask their clients to pay them so that they can work for them. The whole point of looking for a job is so you can earn the money and save it for yourself, not give it to the one who is supposed to pay you for your service.

Today, the Philippines is among the leading countries where online jobs are outsourced to and there are thousands of Filipinos now working in their homes and working their way to success. We at can help you find the one that is right for you!

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