Job description of a General Manager:

What Is The Job About?
Job description of a General Manager:

A general manager coordinates with different departments and is responsible for setting annual goals. He ensures proper functioning and coordination among the various departments for the successful achievement of their goals. He manages daily operations for different projects and depending on demand and the needs and convenience conduct weekly meetings with teams from different departments. He prepares in sync with the heads of various other departments periodic narrative and financial reports. Set up and manage the tools and means of work to complete the various activities. Develop and maintain an ongoing relationship and rapport with partners to develop the marketing strategy of companies. Also develop a strategy for industrial production in line with the overall strategy of the company: choice and positioning of large scale industrial organization, negotiating contracts and agreements with industrial partners. General managers should consider the positioning and performance of the company’s products in its market. He will need to develop product strategy of the company by studying the needs of customers in connection with the marketing department of the company.

He develops high level business contacts by the loyalty of existing customers and new customers and negotiates contracts and manages large accounts trade agreements (partnerships). He sets policy on industrial production in line with the overall strategy of the company and makes choices for large-scale industrial organization (local, national or international) outsourcing subsidiary and transfer of activities from one site to another (relocation). He plans the overall allocation of resources (human, material and economic) between the production sites and the general procedures of organization and makes investment decisions relating to the production tool. He monitors and reports to senior management the results of its activity in financial terms (profit center or cost center in the orientation of the company) and defines the main areas of policy and production support services in connection with the production manager and technical director (maintenance, general services, organization).

What Are The Educational Requirements?

General Manager Educational requirements:

● A general manager is responsible for managing critical operations in a small business or a section of a large business establishment.

● Big companies has various wings like design, production, promotion, sales and other departments for which a general manager is in charge.

● In small companies, they may need to take care of the entire business.

● Usually, a general manager reports to the CEO (Chief Executive Officer) or to the Vice-President of the company.

● Depending on the business the manager has different roles to play.

● For instance, a departmental store chain may have a person in charge of each store that they call the general manager for that particular store.

● Sometimes, a person taking care of a sister company is called a general manager.

● In very large scale companies, there may be more than one general manager for a particular operating unit.

● Despite these diverse roles, the function and responsibilities of the general manager are almost the same everywhere.

Now, having understood the core responsibilities of a GM, let us know what the educational requirements to be one are.

● Different businesses may require different kinds of educational background.

● For instance, people who want to go to the GM’s level in an engineering or technical company may need to have strong science and technical background.

● In almost all cases, college degrees and other certifications are required.

● Sometimes people without educational background work their way up to the management positions by their hard work and commitment.

● Most companies look for candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

● Other courses related to finance, accounting, public relations, etc. will also be helpful in advancing in this career.

● Most of the large companies today are looking for worthy candidates with a Master’s in Business Administration.

● Additionally, a candidate will be provided with executive training and other on-job courses.

● Education apart, the most important requirement to advance to the GM’s position is proved to be success in the previous roles played by the candidate.

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