How Not To Be Lazy When Job Hunting

In today’s times when things can get rough, the last thing that we should be doing is getting lazy. Since the economy has been a bit hard, we actually need to work twice as hard and become more enthusiastic in looking for a job (if you are still currently unemployed). However, there are many people that tend to get lazy. It’s understandable, since the economy will make the job search more challenging so some just tend to take the back seat instead. But that needs to stop! Exerting more effort into job searching will definitely bring you something great afterwards.

Don’t construct a generic cover letter for all of your applications. While this really does sound convenient and fast, it really isn’t a good idea. Your cover letter should be tailored according to the company that you want to get into and it must clearly state why you want the job and why you are fit for the job. Exert the effort to really customize your letter for them.

Don’t just put a random office mate in your reference. As much as possible, put someone on there that really has high authority. Just put yourself in your interviewer’s shoes, would you believe feedback coming from the department supervisor or a random office employee? Make it a point to inform that person as well that you are writing them down on your resume as part of your references.

Don’t just look for A JOB. Look for THE JOB. Often times many people just settle for the job that they happen to get. The worst thing that could happen is you getting a job in which you will find yourself becoming miserable for in the days to come. Before sending out those resumes, make sure that the nature of work is agreeable to you. There is no such thing as a perfect job, but at least try to find one that will not make you hate every waking day.

Don’t just look for jobs online. While it is true that there are many people that find jobs by applying online, it is still better to keep the connections open. Not only will your competition become considerably smaller, but also you have people to actually help you find what you are looking for. Never underestimate the power of networking.

Don’t forget to say thank you. You may think that it is an unnecessary gesture to send thank-you notes after an interview but in fact, it’s a good idea. Make it a habit to send them thank-you emails a few days after your interview. It’s also a good way to reiterate your interest for the job.

Job hunting is no easy task, especially in times like today. It’s a challenge that not too many people are brave enough to take on. But let’s face it, you have to work for something if you really want it! You just really need to be patient and always keep a positive mindset. All the best!

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