Anesthesiologist Salary & Job Description

The anesthesiologist is a specialist who administers an anesthetic to a patient before he is treated. This job requires a medical expert who is professionally able to apply anesthesia to a patient’s body equipped with related medical knowledge. Moreover, the anesthesiologist should be trained to be professional because he should know anything related to the patient before undergoing the task. He should be able to make sure that applying anesthesia to the patient does not cause any kind of negative effects. Therefore, training before being the anesthesiologist is a very crucial matter and a very important step to be the professional one. Also, you may be interested in knowing anesthesiologist salary before taking the very first step.

Anesthesiologist Plus and Minus

Being an anesthesiologist has a very important role in medical treatments.  An anesthesiologist must have good education and training backgrounds so when you should do the job, you must be an expert. Mostly, the anesthesiologists work in emergency services, thus frequently you face various kinds of patient’s conditions. It is profitable for you because you know all about the patients. You are very close to the patients so you can recognize moods and behaviors of the patients who are undergoing to be applied anesthesia. This will build your work characters to be a strong and hard worker. 

Meanwhile, being an anesthesiologist also has minus factors. As mentioned before that anesthesiologists work in emergency services so it means that you should work very fast efficiently. If you are not well trained, things will not go as you planned. Moreover, anesthesiologists work with surgeons in undergoing surgeries. This task is considered very difficult and tiring because you have to stand besides the patient for hours checking up the monitor. Also, you have to work according to the schedule which is made for the surgeon. More than that, you should learn all about details for surgeries beforehand.  Anesthesiologists should always be prepared for sudden tasks and professionally treat the patients whatever the conditions are.

Team of surgeons in operating room at a hospital.


The anesthesiologist salary differs in many countries such as in Canada, UK, and Australia. For instance, in Canada anesthesiologists are well paid for about 96.000 CAD until 170.000 CAD per year. This rate salary for anesthesiologists is considered as a good enough income when you live in Canada. Meanwhile, in UK, anesthesiologists get salary in different levels according to their experiences. The more experiences the anesthesiologists have the more high salary they get. The rates of the anesthesiologists in UK range about ₤17.000 up to ₤236.000 per year. Furthermore, the average range of the anesthesiologists in Australia goes from AU$65.000 up to AU$150.000 per year.

Considering the anesthesiologist salary which is well enough to live in those three countries, anesthesiologists have a good prospect in future. This job has been acknowledged as a future job and for several decades ahead, anesthesiologists still have well prospective. Moreover, this job can grow to the next level in the future. This happens because this job is considered as a stable work. It means that if you have a stable work, you have stable income. Nowadays looking for that kind of job is very hard to get. Thus, anesthesiologist may be your choice for bright future will be.

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